Actress, Uche Nancy shares heartwarming testimony of how God miraculously healed her from Kidney tumor


Nollywood actress and costumier, Uche Nancy has shared a heartwarming testimony of how God healed her from her health issues.

The film producer revealed that throughout last year, she was having serious health issues and took a series of tests. She was later diagnosed with Arthritis and was placed on medication but the pain remained constant and on some days, she had difficulty moving.

Her kids decided to move her to another hospital, where it was discovered that something was on her right kidney.

After seeing a specialist and undergoing a series of tests, she was confirmed to have a tumor in her right kidney and it was cancerous.

She revealed that the sad news weighed her down, but she relied on God’s word to save her.

Uche Nancy revealed that she spent most of her days at the altar of fire, praying and worshiping with pastor, Jerry Eze of NSPDD.

The movie producer was told the affected area of her kidney would be cut off, that’s almost half of her kidney.

However, luckily for her, after removal of the tumor, they discovered that it wasn’t cancerous.