Adidas faces backlash after releasing its ‘Pride 2023’ women’s swimsuits modeled by a man


Adidas is under fire from social media users after launching its “Pride 2023” swimwear collection, which includes bathing suits advertised under the “women’s” section with the use of a male model.

The controversy arose when one of the colorful one-piece swimsuits, known as the “Pride Swimsuit,” was displayed by a male model who prominently displayed a noticeable bulge in the crotch area.

The accompanying video on Adidas’ website further showcased the model, including a glimpse of chest hair above the neckline.

Notably, Adidas did not clarify the model’s gender identity or if they identify as transgender.

The swimwear collection, designed by South African designer Rich Mnisi and titled “Let Love Be Your Legacy,” was released ahead of Pride Month in June.

Adidas describes it as a celebration of self-expression, imagination, and the belief in the unifying power of love.

Social media personality Oli London brought attention to the issue by sharing screenshots from Adidas’ website, captioning it as “The new Adidas Women’s Swimwear Range modeled by… men.”