Afro Nation has not been taken away from Ghana – Minister of Tourism


Dr. Awal Mohammed, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture has refuted reports that the world’s biggest Afrobeats festival, Afro Nation has been taken away from Ghana.

His comments come after reports stated that Afro Nation concluded plans to hold a brand new edition in Lagos, Nigeria for the first time this year.

In an interview on the sidelines of an editors’ forum held at the Accra City Hotel on Monday, August 14, 2023, Dr. Awal said the concert will still be held in Ghana despite the announcement that Nigeria will be having its version this year.

“Afro Nation has not been taken away from Ghana. We even had a meeting last week. We discussed it. There are certain demands they want and we are trying to look at how to collaborate. It has not been taken yet. But we have alternatives,” he stated.

Afro Nation will be held again in Ghana, “most likely. Very likely. This year, over the next three years,” he noted.