Alien threatens to return Ogudo to Kawempe, blasts MC Kats live on TikTok


Alien Skin got into a bitter argument with MC Kats during a live TikTok session hosted by Isaac Kawalya, better known as Kayz.

The dispute between Kats and Skin emanated from the handling of a Kampala Parents School scholarship that was offered to the latter’s blue-eyed boy Champion Ogudo.

Alien Skin has insisted that for him to accept the scholarship, the school management must first meet him at Fangone Forest to assess their credibility.

MC Kats has previously said that the school administrators refused that suggestion because it’s bad optics for the school which is owned by businessman Sudhir Ruparelia who would also want to be around for such an occasion.

During the TikTok session, Kats insisted that Skin won’t be allowed to plan for Ogudo. He kept repeating that statement, leaving one wondering what he meant exactly.

On his part, Alien Skin reiterated his stance that the school owners need to visit Fangone to discuss the development with him. He said his decision won’t be changed by threats. That he doesn’t want contempt.

Alien Skin and MC Kats had appeared to be friends after Alien accepted to collaborate with Fille on a song but it seems that may go down the drain considering the song is also not yet out.