American actor, Johnny Depp and Alleged New Boo Storm Italy after Victory over his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

American actor, Johnny Depp has caused a massive stir online after being spotted in Italy with a woman who is not Amber Heard.
The adored entertainer, who recently won his court case against Amber Heard, his ex-wife, seems to have moved on quickly after being spotted in the streets of Italy, where he has been booked to perform for the Umbria Jazz Festival alongside Jeff Beck.
Johnny and Jeff are a two-man band currently, as they have performed together for more than a month, but on Johnny’s way to rehearsal, he was seen stepping out of a van with a lovely female friend.
Meanwhile reports suggest she could be a staffer/roadie working with Johnny on his Italy tour but the mysterious female appeared to be the only one cruising with Johnny because she was occasionally observed giving him a bag.
The internet, on the other hand, is leaning toward the story that is yet to be confirmed and refers to the girl as a love interest.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the duo is an item since there was no clear PDA.
However, the  fact that the redhead appeared to be enjoying being with Johnny, though, is what is really important at this point.