American rapper, Blueface is punched in the face by his girlfriend,Chrsean Rock’s father


American rapper, Blueface and his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock’s relationship has been termed toxic by many and this toxicity appears to extend to Chrisean’s father.

The 25-year-old rapper has been said to hit musician his girlfriend Chrisean and vice versa, yet they have remained together.

Recently, Chrisean’s father was filmed punching Blueface in the face and this punch was recorded on their family’s reality show, Crazy In Love.

Last night, Dec. 11, the premiere of the couple’s new show aired on The Zeus Network.

During the show, the full fight between Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s dad was shown, after video leaked of the encounter back in September.

In the new video, Rock’s dad confronts Blueface outside a hotel.

“I’ her father,” he says.

“Nice to meet you, father,” Blueface responds.

“Don’t do that ever again. Don’t touch my daughter like that ever again,” Chrisean Rock’s father warns.

“So you teach your daughter to put hands on men?” Blueface questions.

Moments later, Chrisean Rock’s father punches Blueface’s chin and a fight ensues.

Blueface ended up getting his revenge later when he punched his girlfriend’s father.

Chrisean Rock later commented on the fight on social media.

“So my boyfriend knocked my dad out,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “Da family stuff didn’t go well ion even know what’s going on.”