Annie Idibia responds elder brother over drug addiction and ill-treatment


Nollywood actress and wife of Tuface, Annie Idibia has responded to accusations made by her elder brother on drug addiction.

Earlier, in a viral video, Wisdom Macaulay, Annie’s elder brother bemoaned that his life is being endangered by Annie even though he has been working for her on projects.

He alleged that his younger sister withdrew cars, refused to hire him as a manager and withdrew help she gave him despite submitting himself to hard drug.

He said, “Annie took everything away from me. She took away the job and the car she gave me. I’ve been begging my sister for a car to do Uber for many years now so I can at least on my own provide for my family, provide for my wife and my three children, my sister has never responded to me.

“I came back to beg her to continue with the manager job that she offered me but she turned me to a slave and doesn’t want me to stand on my own,” Wisdom said.

Reacting, Annie Idibia disclosed how she took consideration of her brother’s needs and his family despite him being lazy and foolhardy.

She said Wisdom was angry and went on a rant in the viral video because she declined to hire him as her manager.

Annie replied Wisdom in a long post on Instagram, accusing him of entitlement he does not deserve.

“You live in a bedroom flat fully furnished with everything you need for you and kids.

“Wisdom you have three kids, have you ever paid for their school fees since they were born? For nine years since your wife started making babies.

“Have you ever paid hospital bills for any of your kids? Have you ever paid school fees?

“I hate all these lies why! I am at the peak of my career, Please bro why all these lies just because I said you cannot be my manager.

“I have so many voice notes from your wife but I won’t disgrace you and put it out here! I am tired! Do as you like! The universe will protect me, my hard work, my kids, my family.

“Let the world believe anything! My name is Annie! I am not the lies you are saying! I work damn hard not lazy!

“This Entitlement! Wow bro! I wish you well”.

By Damilola Olufemi