Anthony Woode says he had to brush his teeth he could kiss Yvonne Nelson set


Ghanaian actor, Anthony Woode has disclosed the rigourous preparation he went through for a movie he had to kiss actress Yvonne Nelson on set.

The actor has starred as a lead character in the movie, ‘Fifty Fifty’, aYN production that would be premiered on May 21.

Also, Yvonne Nelson has once said on live radio that she detests men with bad odour.

She had earlier indicated how she turned down a kissing scene whenshe asked the director to edit the script because the character inquestion had bad breath.

Anthony said as he was going to kiss the actress, he had to brush his teeth a couple of times to have a good breath because he was going to kiss a “big woman in the business” and therefore the need to convey a good appearance.

He said in an interview, “I remember when we were shooting the film before we went on set, I read the script and realized I had to kiss Yvonne Nelson. I played the role but I had to brush my teeth a couple of times before I shot that scene.”

By Damilola Olufemi