“Anyone who knows her should help me warn her” Drama as man calls out actress, Bose Aregbesola


A concerned fan of actress, Bose Aregbesola, has recently voiced his disappointment regarding one of her movies.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, the man expressed his frustration and called on anyone close to the actress to relay his message sternly.

Acknowledging the potential backlash he might face for criticizing celebrities, he emphasized the gravity of his experience and the need to address it.

“Please, whoever is acquainted with Bose Aregbesola, I implore you to caution her on my behalf. Whenever someone dares to speak up, people accuse them of insulting celebrities. But let me tell you, if you knew what she did… I am perplexed by the behavior of celebrities these days. If I were to reveal the incident, you would question what consequences should befall her. Is it because she is known and believes that her wealth gives her the right to disrespect me?”

Expressing his dissatisfaction, he specifically mentioned the movie “Game Master” and criticized its abrupt ending, demanding a continuation.

“I fail to comprehend why she would conclude the film, Game Master, in such a manner. It should have had a part 5.”