AY comedian prays for Nigeria


Outstanding comedian AY has offered supplication to God over the country on her 61st Independence Day.

The award winning comic act and filmmaker in marking the country’s independence celebration prayed for her citizens from the top levels to the masses.

He prayed for a reawakening such that will echo throughout the entire land while also praying for the judgment of everyone that has brought pain to the country.

He wrote: “Lord please be enthroned in our government. From the Senate to the house of rep to the local government

“LORD please revive our educational institutions. Deliver our children and Youths from evil vises.

“Lord please Revive our land. From State to State. Tribe to tribe. City to city. Villiage to village.

“Help our military. Help our leaders.

“Lord please judge our nation righteously. Judge everyone that has killed the innocent. Judge everyone that has stolen from our treasury causing poverty to reign.”