“Bad Boys Are My Weakness” – Kenyan Actress Njambi Reveals


Kenyan actress, Bernice Njeri Gachomba, popularly known as Njambi for her hilarious role in ‘The Real House-helps of Kawangware’ series, recently took to social media to share insights into her dating preferences.

The actress, known for her candid and humorous persona, revealed that nice guys have no chance with her.

Njeri posted a screenshot of a message she received from a friend, who was seemingly disappointed that she turned down a good guy with significant potential.

The friend praised the rejected suitor and even suggested that Njambi’s children would be studying at a prestigious school if she had chosen differently.

In response, Njambi mocked her friend for getting excited over what she considered the literal bare minimum, emphasising that material possession, such as a Mercedes Benz and a meal at a popular Nairobi joint, was not enough to impress her.

The actress then candidly revealed her romantic preference, stating that she has always been attracted to ‘bad boys.’

In her own words, she made it clear that her type is not the conventional nice guy and that she would choose a bad boy over a nice man any day.

“Mimi nakuanga nimechizi na ma bad boys, I would pick a bad boy over a nice man anytime,” she declared.

Njambi’s straightforward admission provides a glimpse into her dating philosophy, emphasizing a preference for partners with a more rebellious or unconventional demeanor.

In 2023, Njeri confirmed her separation from her second baby daddy, a footballer named Nelson.

She cited reasons such as his insecurity, narcissism, and disrespect as contributing factors to the end of their relationship.

The actress has been open about her personal life, and her recent revelation about her attraction to bad boys adds another layer to her dating preferences.