BBN: JMK cautions Angel on Relationship with Boma


Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, JMK, has cautioned Angel about Boma’s relationship moves with girls in the house.

During an assignment practice yesterday, day 31 of the show, JMK notified Angel that Boma plans to use girls to ‘catch cruise’ as he had accomplished with Queen.

JMK said:

“I feel like whatever relationship he tries to build in this house is strictly ‘cruise’. Do you get what I mean?

“Until I heard Queen’s part of the story, I thought she was the one following him. Apparently, he was actually the one moving to her.”

Angel then told JMK that she had encountered Boma about the matter.

“I told him that if he has told her that he likes her, he isn’t supposed to be flirting with other girls,” Angel said.

When Queen arrived into the house two weeks after the game had begun, she immediately related with Boma, who was the Head of House at that time.

Boma said he likes her and she started attracting close to him.

Angel came into the picture when she spent her time at the Executive lounge with Boma, an act that worried Queen.

Queen confronted Boma about it and he told her it’s not what she thinks.