#BBTitans: Yemi back in bed with Khosi, shares kiss with Blue Aiva after


The love triangle between Yemi, Khosi, and Blue Aiva continues to get more complicated as more drama continues to emanate.

Social media is in an uproar as Netizens keeps talking about them.

Just yesterday, Yemi and Khosi were in bed together for the first time in a short while after they seemed to have ended things, and people were hoping things would start to gel between them.

In an unexpected turn of events, the Nigerian male and internet-described Yoruba demon found his way to his second lover, Aiva, and they kissed, much to the chagrin of netizens

Yemi and Khosi showed the promise of an interesting union from the first day in the house.

However, since the arrival of Blue Aiva in the house, this display has proven to be volatile.

Yemi and Khosi have ended and started their relationship over and over again, but they always find a way to circle back to each other.