Be Careful Out There When Chasing Money And Fame -Ghanaian Singer Warns  


Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene has advised young men and women to be very careful out there when they are chasing money and fame.

The Rockstar said that even though wealth hastily dwindles, those who even gather it little by little face many challenges too, adding that he has seen many people trying to chase money, fame and power, and anytime he sees such, he laughs.

According to him, money and fame are not everything, as they have been implanted in the minds of many people out there.

The young musician claims the two come with many challenges and he who wishes to get money and fame should be ready for the challenges that come with it.

Taking to his Snapchat, Kuame Eugene wrote, “I see many people out here struggling for money and fame. Like, it’s everything. Wait till you have it and then face the list of problems that come with it”.

In his post, the ‘Monica’ hitmaker pointed out that while many aspire for wealth and recognition, they might not realize the challenges that come with it.

Eugene stressed the importance of understanding the downsides that can accompany financial success and fame, suggesting that the pursuit may not always bring the happiness people anticipate.

He encouraged his followers to think about the potential difficulties that come with the desire for wealth and fame.