Bebe Cool Helped Me Secure NTV Job – Douglas Lwanga


Some three weeks after quitting Record TV, Douglas Lwanga was still jobless until Bebe Cool called him over the phone. Lwanga had been at Record for some five years and was hosting a popular entertainment show dubbed Katogo.

He had quit after frustration with management and he saw no future at the company.

Bebe Cool called to ask what he planned to do next, and Lwanga, who hadn’t decided, told him he was still open to offers from different stations that were calling him.

Despite not being “close friends,” Douglas Lwanga recalled in an interview with Crystal Newman, “He was like, you should not settle for less, you are a big brand, you’ve built something, I want you at this place. So, he picked up the phone and called” Aggie Konde, then managing director of Africa Broadcasting Uganda Limited, a subsidiary of Nation Media Group and owner of NTV Uganda.

Bebe set up the meeting with Konde and Douglas Lwanga pitched his idea. He joined NTV in 2013.