“Being a virgin at 25 is just embarrassing not a flex” – Model, Maliya.


Nigerian Model, Maliya has dropped her views about virginity and people that think of it as a huge deal.

Maliya shared this while talking on the “Surviving Lagos” podcast with Susan Pwajok and Eronini, stating that being a virgin at 25 was no longer a flex but just a personal problem.

According to the model, being proud to be a virgin and thinking you were better than others who had not had sex was very embarrassing.

In her words;

“Virginity is only a flex when you are able to maintain it while you are actually young, which Nigerian girl do you know walking around thinking, omo the most important thing right now for me is to sleep with a man as a virgin? By the time you are an adult, it is no longer a flex, it is just something you have going on with you, that’s your own business. Because tell me why somebody at 25 is saying my biggest flex is being that I’ve never had sex, are you 14? What is my business with you? You’ve not achieved anything, no career or anything. There is an age you get to where it is no longer a flex now it is your personal issue
Telling me to be a virgin will give me a chance in the market with humans and that will make me a better person because I’ve never had sex and I’m 25 is embarrassing.”