Being Popular Among Ghanaians Is My Biggest Achievement – Says Ghanian Actress


Ghanaian actress Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, known by her stage name Ahuofe Patricia said her most significant achievement is to be known among Ghanaians.

During an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning show, Ahuofe Patricia expressed her pride in her popularity, noting the difficulty in achieving such widespread fame.

“My biggest achievement is that everyone knows me in Ghana. Most Ghanaians know me, and that’s an achievement,” she remarked.

Ahuofe Patricia’s fame soared after her leading role in the youth-oriented short film series ‘Boys Kasa’, where she was affectionately nicknamed ‘Ahuofe Patri’—meaning ‘Beautiful Patricia’ in Akan.

In the series, she portrayed a difficult lady, as her counterpart, Kalybos, attempted to gain her trust and convince her to accept his relationship proposal because he liked her.

As the episodes unfolded, ‘Ahuofe Patri’ became a household name in Ghana. Some people even thought that was her birth name due to how the name was mentioned everywhere she went. To date, she is usually called by her name.

Despite this, Priscilla Opoku Agyeman has no issue with people using her stage name. “No, it doesn’t worry me. They’ve accepted me, and I’m fine with however they want to accept me,” she said.

Priscilla began her career after reaching the final 10 in the Miss Malaika beauty pageant and gained further recognition through her comedy skits with Kalybos in ‘Boys Kasa’.

Beyond her acting career, she is also known for her advocacy work, particularly through her NGO ‘She Power’, which mentors young girls and promotes gender equality, aiming to combat sexual abuse in Africa.