Bella Shmurda sponsors a boy who performed his song


Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda has given a scholarship to a young boy who performed the song he featured in.

A video surfaced on the internet, which showed a preschooler with dreadlocks on the street passionately singing and demonstrating Olamide’s song “Triumphant” off his album “Carpe Diem” which featured Bella Shmurda.

The video attracted Bella as he has promised to sponsor the primary education of Samuel, as mentioned in the video of Bella Shmurda’s visit to his house.

During his visit, the singer expressed joy seeing the little boy do what he did adding he must be educated at all cost.

Bella Shmurda said: “I don’t know the class he is. But from now to primary 6, I will support him. God bless him for me. As I see am, na joy for him. And I know it’s also a thing of joy for you all.

“I am with you all. We will connect with any school you want to enroll him. So that you can see your kid every day and take proper care of him. You must be with him, you must monitor him. He has to grow, he has to be educated.”