Best Dressed Saga: Portable Tackles Bobrisky In ‘Brotherhood Diss Track


The controversy surrounding Bobrisky’s infamous ‘Best Dressed Female’ award at the ‘Ajakaju’ (Beasts of Two Worlds) movie premiere has continued to generate reactions on social media.

From spats between Femi Adebayo, Dayo Amusa and Jigan Babaoja, social media has been agog, with no end in sight.

However, the ongoing feud between singer Portable and Bobrisky has taken a new dimension, with the former dropping a diss track ridiculing the controversial crossdresser.

At the premiere, Bobrisky won ‘Best Dressed Female’ and was awarded N1 million, while ex-BBNaija housemate Groovy clinched ‘Best Dressed Male’ and won N1 million.

Singer Portable, displeased with Bobrisky’s emergence as ‘Best Dressed Female’, condemned the judges who deemed him worthy. He said the decision promotes homosexuality.

He added that Bobrisky did not merit the ‘Best Dressed Female’ award because he was not born female. However, Bobrisky, displeased with Portable’s criticism, retaliated and described the singer as an unfortunate individual who envied his success.

The crossdresser threatened to deal with Portable, as he rained curses on him and his family. Incensed by Bobrisky’s response, Portable headed to the studio to record a song titled, ‘Brotherhood’ targeted at Bobrisky.

He shared on his Instagram page on Tuesday a snippet from the upcoming track.

In the snippet, which caused a buzz on social media on Wednesday, the 30-year-old artiste lambasted the crossdresser for opting to undergo surgery to transition into a woman.

The singer implored Nigerians to demand proof of Bobrisky’s female anatomy if he genuinely identifies as a woman.

The ‘Zazau Zeh’ singer said the song will be released soon.

The lyrics go: “Warn brotherhood if he comes to my hood. If he comes dressed as sisterhood, he’ll be dealt with with firewood. Stone him to death. You are my brotherhood. From brotherhood, he wanted to join the sisterhood.

“He was caught when he wanted to join the sisterhood. You are a disgrace to the brotherhood. Look at Bobrisky’s bum; ask him to show his private part for us to see.”

Recall that Nollywood actresses, Dayo Amusan and Toyin Abraham who attended the premier of the movie, deemed it disrespectful to women, culture, and traditions.