Beyoncé has been tagged theft for alledgedly stealing song for her Album

Beyonce’s “Renaissance” album has met criticism after colleague singer Kelis accused her of stealing samples.
Beyonce who was already struggling with leaks ahead of the album’s release was called out by the “Bossy” singer, Kelis on social media for sampling her song
Kelis says she had no part in clearing a sample for Beyonce’s record, as she hit her with accusations of theft.
The track in contention is “Energy”, which Kelis has alleged Beyonce unethically sampled from her song, “Get Along with You.”
According to records, the Neptunes produced the song for her 1999 first album, therefore it means a lot to her.
On Instagram, a Kelis fan page was enjoying the Beyoncé combo, but Kelis, using her celebrity chef account @bountyandfull, jumped in the comments seething!
Kelis describes “Energy” as “thievery.”
She implied that everyone involved in developing and clearing the track engaged in unethical behaviour
Kelis, has, however, said nothing about legal action.