Big Brother South Africa Housemate Declares Himself Transgender


Starting a new season in the Big Brother Mzansi, the South African version of the international reality television franchise, Big Brother, eyebrows have been raised concerning the sexuality of one of the housemates.

Chuenzaaa seems to have caused a stir and emerge as one of the first talk points when he stated his sexual orientation.

Born Chuene Kapu, the 24-year-old announced to fellow housemates during the premiere on Sunday that he is transgender.

Chuenzaaa said, “I am originally from Polokwane, the hardest city in the country [South Africa]. And I’m 24 years of age. I’m turning 25 in two weeks.

“I am a proud member of the queer community.”

The reality star added that he got admission to study law but dropped out in his second year because he is “too eccentric to be a lawyer”.

Being Honest about his sexuality has been causing a stir on social media, especially among viewers from other African countries.