Black Sherif defines the black star in Ghana’s flag” – Bullgod on Black Sherif’s achievement


Ghanaian artiste manager, Bullgod have reweighed the emblem black star in Ghana’s national flag in a hail of Black Sherif.

The talent manager believes Black Sherif defines the emblem “Black Star” , because the young musician is making waves outside the country with galloping numbers on video and streaming portals.

While speaking on the United Showbiz program on UTV, Bullgod credited the artist’s meteoric rise to his consciousness and awareness of who he is.

“If you listen to him, he is aware of himself, he is aware of where he is and it is the reason he has to attain his current milestone,” he said.

According to him, many people in showbiz circles have bypassed an opportunity because they failed to look beyond the immediate financial gains.

“And that has been the downfall of a lot of our artists from the top to upcoming ones. This boy is aware, he knows his destination. Watch him, with long life, he is the real Black Star of Ghana. Have you seen the black star in the flag, that is him,” he added.