Black Sherif Impressed As He Teaches Woman How To Speak Twi


Fast rising Ghanaian singer, Black Sherif, was spotted in a conversation with popular podcast host Stephalways, showing her how to woo a man in a Ghanaian way.

During the podcast, Stephalways asked Black Sherif for his thoughts on how a woman can express her admiration for a man in a way that is appreciated in Ghanaian culture.

The young musician suggested that one of the best ways to express admiration in a Ghanaian manner is to say “woyɛ me taste” in Twi. This phrase, which translates to “I admire you” in English, was a simple and direct way to convey affection and appreciation to someone you have feelings for.

Steph tried several times to reiterate Blacko’s Twi phrase and pulled it off well. What made social media users excited was not only Black Sherif’s response but also the way Stephalways, who is not known for speaking Twi, repeated the Twi sentence perfectly.