Black Sherif’s alleged sex tape is simply a case of mistaken identity

Ghanaian singer, Black Sherif’s alleged sex tape has been said to be a case of mistaken identity
It would be recalled that on Thursday, November 3, #BlackSherif was trending on Twitter following an alleged leaked sex tape.
The musician whose career is steadily on the rise was being accused of starring in the raunchy short video in which a woman can be seen performing fellatio on him and going further to ‘ride’ him.
Meanwhile, the supposed ‘leak’ tape had fans of the musician and netizens on social media upset and disappointed.
However, after some digging on the social media platform, Twitter, it appears the male vixen of the video is not Black Sherif.
Though the resemblance is uncanny, the vixen is an amateur pornstar who goes by the name LA on Twitter and the female vixen is his partner Jaz.
They have several sex videos on their respective Twitter pages where the circulating video thought to belong to Black Sherif can be found.
Because of this revelation, some fans of the musician have accused people insisting the male vixen is Black Sherif of attempting to pull him down