Blakk Rasta expresses frustration as fellow musicians decline collaboration requests


Renowned Ghanaian Reggae musician and broadcaster, Abubakar Ahmed, popularly known as Blakk Rasta, has expressed his disappointment with the continuous rejection of his collaboration requests by fellow musicians.

In a recent report by a Media house, Blakk Rasta called for a change in the mindset of artists and urged them to stop underestimating their peers.

Blakk Rasta believes that selfishness lies at the core of this issue, stating, “We lack trust in one another. It’s disheartening to see everyone solely focused on their own interests without genuinely supporting each other.”

During a conversation with King Lagazee, he emphasized the need for a collective shift in attitude among musicians.

The reggae musician shared his surprise at the unexpected reactions he received when approaching artists for collaboration. “Recently, I reached out to a few artists with collaboration proposals, and their responses were quite surprising,” he lamented. Blakk Rasta revealed that despite initial enthusiasm from the artists, he never received any follow-up or feedback after sending them his songs.

Acknowledging that he has had opportunities to feature renowned artists in the past, Blakk Rasta admitted that collaboration has never been his strong suit. However, he attributed the lack of collaboration to individuals overestimating themselves, believing that their involvement in his records would be a game-changer.

Blakk Rasta stressed the importance of shedding egos to foster unity and progress within the music industry. “When ego prevails, true unity becomes elusive. If we genuinely want to move forward, we must let go of our egos,” he emphasized.

Blakk Rasta’s candid statements shed light on the challenges he has faced when seeking collaboration with fellow musicians. As the industry reflects on his words, it is hoped that artists will reevaluate their approach and embrace a more collaborative and supportive mindset, leading to the growth and unity of the Ghanaian music scene.