Blessing Okoro reveals screenshot of her apology to Ada Ameh before her Death.

Controversial self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, has reacted to the sudden death of Nollywood Actress, Ada Ameh.
While reacting, Blessing took to her social media page to state that she is happy she found the time to apologize to the late Actress.
The relationship therapist who later praised the later actress for putting so much laughter on the faces of Nigerians shared a screenshot of the message she sent to her last December.
She wrote;
I swear this hit me.
I am so happy I apologized before you left I would have hit myself so bad.
Your energy was so powerful and you fought like a tiger.
Thank you so much for the laugher you put on our faces, thank you for all the entertainment. You are indeed loved.
🙏🙏🙏🙏. Rest in the bosom of the lord
However, some fans slammed her for privately apologising for a wrong she’d done in public.
See comments below;
ugoeze_ruth wrote;
Why didn’t you apologize publicly just the way you humiliated her publicly
efe_aone wrote;
Did she reply you to accept your apology? Why do always like to insult everyone who try to advise you? Now the young once are learning from your bad character. If person tell you truth, is either you block the person or your insult them.
Sometimes when we talk is as of we are too spiritual some of this problems are foundational because from this stories they are repeated stories of untimely death some families have one repeated things that occur in their home due to what the fore fore father’s served But no they’ll say we are being too spiritual be very observant check your home some people in their homes they don’t marry on time some don’t have peaceful homes find it out and pray fervently and separate yourself may her soul rest in peace so sorry.