Bobrisky dicloses what is stopping him from getting married


Idris Okuneye, Nigerian transgender known as Bobrisky, has disclosed why he is yet to be married but will very soon.

In an Instagram post, the graduate of Accounting from Lagos State University said although he is in a relationship, his lover is a married man.

He alsoo said he is lingering for his lover to separate his wife so they can get married.

“Many of you asking when are you getting married bob? The man I love is married but I’m waiting for him to divorce his wife so we can get married. I don’t know how long it will take but very soon.

The 30-year-old, who is frequently callled as the ‘male Barbie doll’, made the headlines on numerous occasions after claiming to be Nigeria’s first transgender. He once admitted to having severed his genitals.

In September last year, He spoke about some of the extras he enjoys being a “woman”.

“I want to be a woman because being a woman has paved a lot of ways for me. Women don’t actually know how powerful they are. They don’t know how to use their resources as a woman,” he had said.