Brazillian Gospel Singer Collapses, Dies On Stage


A 30-year-old Brazilian gospel singer, Pedro Henrique, reportedly collapsed and died while performing on stage.

According to the reports, Henrique passed away on stage during his performance on Wednesday night in Feira de Santana.

At a religious gathering that was being aired online, the gospel singer was seen singing “Vai Ser Tão Lindo” when he fell from the stage.

Henrique’s record company, Todah Music, confirmed his passing by telling Radio 93 that the 30-year-old had a severe heart attack.

The artist was interacting with the audience on camera as he stepped on the edge of the platform just before he lost his balance and collapsed.

Speaking further, Todah Music posted on Instagram, “There are very difficult situations in life, for which we have no explanation. We just need to understand that the will of God prevails!

“We believe Peter will have a prominent place in the great Heavenly Choir! The songs in his voice will not die and his legacy will live on through his wife, his daughter, Zoe and so many lives that have been and will be reached by Christ through the records of his voice!”