Brian Chira left badly injured after violent robbery


TikTok sensation Brian Chira on Monday July, 24, found himself at the center of a nightmarish ordeal when what seemed like a regular evening turned into a harrowing robbery and assault.

In a video shared online, Chira disclosed how two individuals, disguised as his friends, gained entry to his home and subjected him to a horrifying experience.

“It was around 9 and then I heard a knock on the door I was in the kitchen cooking and because I know students are the ones who always come to my house so ni ‘Ingia’, wakaingia wote,” Chira narrated.

Unfortunately, his hospitality was met with hostility as the supposed friends turned perpetrators. The guests did not waste any time before they unleashed their wrath on him.

As this continued, Chira said another one came in and began ransacking his house demanding for money.

“One came and held and the other began dragging me on the floor and a third party came in akaanza kupora these people think I have money but I don’t,” he narrated.

However, as news of the incident spread, a section of netizens cast doubt on Chira’s account, suggesting that there might be more to the story.

Some questioned whether the TikToker might have been involved in a physical exchange while under the influence of alcohol, leading to the unfortunate incident.