Britney Spears’ post on Instagram prompts wedding assumption


The 40-year-old singer, Britney Spears, who has been engaged since September 2021 took to Instagram recently to post about baby turtles, but rather than referring to Sam as her fiancé as she she usually does, she for the first time ever, addressed him as her husband.

“My husband Sam Asghari sent me this,” she wrote.

Britney who has always called Sam her fiance had till Thursday, March 3, when wishing Sam a happy 28th birthday, addressed him her fiance.

“Happy Birthday to my fiance … I love you so much? … I want a family with you … I want it all with you,” she wrote.

The duo have been emotional jointly while Britney has been sharing visuals from their holiday, while referring to Sam as her fiance.

She calling him her husband all of a sudden has prompted assumptions that they already got weeded quietly as a follower of Britney Spears asked the singer, “Husband? Did y’all get married?”

By Damilola Olufemi