Burna Boy claims he is not smart as people think


Grammy winner, Burna Boy has said he may not be as smart as a lot of people would suppose.

The “Twice As Tall” singer made this revelation in an interview tagged “BURNA BOY HOMEGROWN HEDSCRATCHER” on Real 92.3 Home Grown Radio, Los Angeles; US.

When asked to state the largest country in the world, Burna Boy said: “Largest country in the world….China? India? I’m not that smart though.

He also said, “But that’s largest population.”

When told the answer was Russian, he responded: “How the fuck is…..Russia is not the biggest country. No, it’s not.”

When asked what kind of gas plants breathe in, he replied while making faces: “Well, plants breathe in ehn…..what’s that shit? CO2… I’m not that smart.”