Burna Boy’s ‘African Giant’ Becomes First Nigerian Album To Be Certified Platinum In France


Five years after its release, Nigerian singer, Burna Boy’s ‘African Giant song album’ has been declared platinum in France by SNEP after exceeding over 100,000 units in sales.

Burna Boy’s ‘African Giant’ becomes the first Nigerian album to be certified platinum in France.

In 2018, Burna Boy soared to international success after his single ‘YE’ came to the attention of rap fans who were searching for Kanye West’s new album of the same name.

With his career on a fast rise internationally, Burna Boy released his fourth album ‘African Giant’ in 2019 which charted a new course for African music internationally.

Buoyed by the hit singles ‘On The Low’, ‘Gbona’, ‘Dangote’, ‘Killing Dem’, and ‘Anybody’, the album soared to both local and international success.

The certification owes a lot to the success of ‘On The Low’ and ‘Gbona’ which have earned platinum certifications in France.

‘African Giant’ is now the only Nigerian album to be declared platinum after sharing the SNEP gold record with Rema’s debut album ‘Raves & Roses’.

In 2023, Burna Boy’s hit single ‘Last Last’ was declared a diamond by SNEP in what was another testament to his international success.