Business as a side hustle is more moneymaking than acting – Halima Abubakar


In a period when several are gazing for alternatives to create wealth from side hustles, those in the amusement industry are not failing to.

Halima Abubakar, revealed that she found owning a business more lucrative than acting. She said, “I make money every day, it (business) is better than acting. I’m a producer, which means I am an investor. I have to invest right now and I’m doing something that would yield me money because it is an essential business. People wear wigs, wristwatches, sneakers and perfumes, and that is an everyday thing. It’s a 24-hour enterprise, particularly because the goods are available online. Incorporating acting and running a business is challenging, but we are growing by the grace of God.

On how she has organized to balance her acting career and the business which hasm sectors in Kano and Lagos, Abubakar acknowledged that it was a tough conclusion for her.

“During the COVID-19 lockdown, I concentrated more on the business, so that I could expand it. Because of that, I did not shoot a lot of movies. I think I shot just two and one of them would be out in cinemas soon. I concentrated more on the business because I needed that to flourish. I will still produce movies but I find doing business exciting. It is like a new career for me.”

“It is one of the most difficult decisions I have taken in my life. I am not regretting it though, but it is quite stressful. To be any entrepreneur in this country is one of the hardest things ever, but I’m still grateful that I took that decision.