Casper Nyovest regrets beef with Late Rapper AKA

Casper Nyovest regrets beef with Late Rapper AKA
Casper Nyovest

For the longest time South African hip hop was shaped by two individuals: arguably Cassper Nyovest and Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

But as much as they were talented, their rivalry became a huge talking point.

It’s only now, after AKA’s death, that Nyovest realises that their long-standing beef could have been quashed and the two could have been friends again.

Appearing on “The Episode” podcast, the “Mama I Made It” hitmaker admitted to having regrets about not making amends with the “Company” rapper.

The artist spoke to the hosts on a few topics that included his love for AKA’s song “Company”, why he didn’t acknowledge AKA’s death on social media sooner and how he thought they would settle their long-standing beef.

He went on to say that when the news of AKA’s death broke he opted not to say anything on social media right away because of the heat he would have received.

Asked if he and AKA could have resolved their issues, Nyovest admitted that he felt that they needed to have met in the boxing ring.

“I really think we needed to fight. I met his father and he said, ‘If you guys fought, do you think you would have won?’ And I said, ‘Ya, I would have kicked his a**’.

He also noted that they some records made together that is unheard and they are “golden songs”