Cebbie Koks Shedlight On Rivalry, Jealousy Between Her Elder Sister, Akothee


Kenyan businesswoman, Cebbie Koks has shed light on the truth behind the perceived rivalry and jealousy with her elder sister, singer and businesswoman Akothee.

In a conversation with Lynn Ngugi on February 2, Cebbie delved into the complexities of their bond and addressed rumours of rivalry that have circulated in the media.

Cebbie emphasised the profound bond she shares with Akothee, highlighting their shared history and the role Akothee has played in shaping her life.

Describing Akothee as more than just a sister but also a mentor and friend, Cebbie expressed admiration for her sister’s resilience and achievements.

“This is my blood sister. I was born and opened my eyes and saw her. She took me through and she’s like my best friend.”

She emphasised the immense respect and love she holds for Akothee, acknowledging the pivotal role Akothee has played in her upbringing and personal development.

Despite media speculation and rumours of rivalry, Cebbie emphasized her unwavering respect and admiration for her sister.

She commended Akothee for her resilience and determination, noting that her sister’s journey from adversity to success.

“This is a woman who pulled herself by the boot traps. Like literally when society expected her to go down. this is someone that surely even if I wasn’t the sister, I would still admire from afar and say I like that woman,’ She said.

Cebbie, however, debunked notions of jealousy or resentment towards Akothee, emphasizing her genuine appreciation for her sister’s accomplishments.

She noted the importance of family solidarity and mutual support, stressing that their bond transcends any perceived conflicts or misunderstandings.

“Now that am privileged to be her sister, why would I be jealous, or hate her? why would I look down upon her? she’s achieved things I have not achieved.

There’s no day I can ever sit down and think, I want that that she has. You know, like she saw me through, she took me through. I am who I am because of her,” she said.