Celebrities Express Disgust At Governor Lusaka’s Remarks On Pregnant Teens


Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka’s recent comments about teen pregnancies have stirred controversy, drawing reactions from celebrities like Catherine Kamau and Nadia Mukami.

The governor’s remarks were perceived by some as advocating for barring pregnant teens from continuing their education, leading to a public outcry.

Actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, expressed her anger on Instagram, questioning the rationale behind the governor’s statement.

She criticised the idea that only the pregnant girl should suffer the consequences and urged women to remember such sentiments come the 2027 elections.

“What kind of madness is this? Of course, the woman got herself pregnant and only she should suffer the consequences. Right? These are your leaders. Women I hope you remember this 2027!” Kate wrote.

Singer Nadia Mukami also took to her InstaStories, condemning Lusaka’s words. Mukami, an advocate against teenage pregnancies, emphasised the need for the government to address the issue rather than make statements against it.

Mukami highlighted the importance of acknowledging the prevalence of teenage pregnancies in rural schools and identifying the root causes.

She emphasised factors such as rape, poverty, lack of sexual education, and the need for resources like sanitary towels and school fees.

Nadia Mukami shared her foundation’s efforts in sending two students back to school despite resource constraints.

“As someone in a position of influence, it’s disheartening to hear such statements. As an advocate against teenage pregnancies, I was troubled by this. Through my foundation, we’ve sent two students back to school despite limited resources,” she wrote through her Foundation.

She called for a comprehensive discussion on short and long-term solutions, involving collaboration with the government and NGOs.

Facing backlash, Governor Ken Lusaka clarified his statement during a visit to Lugulu Girls High School in Bungoma County.

He stated that he did not call for banning pregnant girls from schools but was providing an example of how pregnancies were viewed as taboo during his time.

Lusaka affirmed that the law protects both boys and girls, and no one can be banned from going to school based on their pregnancy status.