Chris Brown throws fan’s phone into the crowd for filming while on stage


American singer and songwriter, Chris Brown seemingly threw a fan’s phone into the crowd after she refused to pay him any attention.

The incident which was shared on TikTok happened after Brown invited the lucky fan to join him on stage during his concert performance of “Take You Down.”

Instead of enjoying the moment, the woman immediately whipped out her phone to film the occasion. In the beginning, Brown could be seen gently taking the phone out of her hands and putting it away.

However, as he danced around her and even gave her a sensual lapdance, she grabbed it once more to continue filming.

Unamused, the singer snatched the phone from her hands and threw it into the crowd, which sent concert-goers into an excited frenzy.

The visibly annoyed woman then threw her hands in the air before the stage lights went out and the awkward encounter came to an end.

Thankfully, she was able to get her phone back but it’s unclear what condition it was in after soaring through the air and into a mosh pit.

However, as at the time of publishing this, the singer has yet to address the incident.

The video quickly went viral on social media, with some fans defending Brown while others cited it as just another outburst from the controversial singer.

“Listen, I totally agree that sometimes we all need to be able to put our phones down and enjoy the moment… but that’s not Chris Brown or anyone else’s decision to make,” one person tweeted.

“it is impossible to defend chris brown he just keeps doing stuff 😭,” another added.

Others, however, defended his actions, “Lowkey i see why Chris Brown threw the phone. U mean 2 tell me imma be up here performing my heart out, giving u the best that I got and u gonna be up here checking urself out in selfie cam. The disrespect?”