“Christians must not listen to musicians like Beyonce, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj” – Solomon Buchi


A popular Nigeria entertainer identified as Solomon Buchi has sent strong warning to his followers to stay away from two global singers known as Niki Minaj and Beyounce.

He added that many of her songs “illustrate impiety and promote symbols that represent spiritual murkiness”.

he said :

Christian, there are many famous musicians you must not listen to. Beyoncé is one of them, Cardi B, and others. Beyoncé’s music has occasional outbursts of profanity against the Bible. One of her lyrics reads: “I plugged my menses with pages from the holy book.” This is SATANISM.

‘Many of her songs illustrate impiety and promote symbols that represent spiritual murkiness. This might be considered slanderous to some of you that tenaciously stan her, however, as Christians, we don’t stan people because they are popular, we stan Godly representation.

‘She and her compeers promote an overtly sensual and vainly lustrous perception of womanhood. Is she talented? Yes! Is she a good performer? Yes! But talent doesn’t equal godliness and worldly excellence doesn’t justify God’s presence.

‘It is same with Christians who listen to Nicki Minaj, and the rest who constantly talk about their privates. Really amoral lyrics. WAP. Why should a Christian listen to songs like this? What exactly does it do to your mind?

‘They may have trendy beat and irresistible melodies, but they are created to masturbate your mind away from spiritual alertness. I am a musician, I play the guitar and I can tell you for free that music is powerful! Highly powerful. David played the harp and demons left Saul.