Cindy embraces ‘Nokia’ brand, says iPhones are low-class


Cindy Sanyu returned fire on Tuesday, after being branded a ‘Nokia’ phone by her nemesis Sheebah Karungi.

The self-titled King herself said Nokia is the mother of all phones, while the iPhone, like all the other newer brands has become ubiquitous and affordable to everyone.

Cindy was hitting back at Sheebah who earlier in the week referred to her as a ‘Nokia’ and herself an iPhone.

The two leading female artists are not at the best of terms currently, having organized shows to take place on the same date; September 15. Both shows have been announced to be at Kololo Independence Grounds, although this is expected to be rectified soon.

In an interview with Bukedde Tv which aired this Wednesday morning, Cindy laughed off her new nickname saying it did in fact make her the real trailblazer of female artists that she is.

“Nokia was here before the iPhone; it is the phone that taught everyone how to operate a mobile phone before all these other brands showed up,” she said.

“Nokia phones also were expensive and respected; not everyone had a Nokia except for the rich. But now, anyone can afford an iPhone. Even my 12 year old daughter has one.”

For the beef between them now, the 37-year-old said there is no harm in artists battling it out, as long as it doesn’t go out of hand.