Court hits Kanye West for owing a Fashion Rental Company over $400k

American Rapper, Kanye West has been slapped with a lawsuit for refusing to return more than a dozen of fashion items worth hundreds of thousands of dollars borrowed from a high-end fashion rental service.
In a complaint Filed by the David Casavant Archive in a Court in Los Angeles, he stated that the Rapper entirely failed to return more than a dozen rare and esteemed items claiming that he has also steadfastly refused to pay for them.
“The items are all rare, esteemed pieces valued for their scarcity and importance in fashion history,” lawyers for the company wrote. “They are not fungible commodities. The replacement fees reflect the loss of future rentals, loan opportunities, publicity, and the lost value to the Archive as a whole, as each lost item is part of a greater collection that derives its value from its completeness.”
Meanwhile, the fashion house which prides itself as a “private collection of the world’s rarest and most coveted garments” claims Kanye has not paid rental fees in late 2020 for 13 different items in his possession.
The company also added that they rented out rare pieces in their ‘Casavant Archive,’ Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady, and others, stressing that those unpaid fees now total $221,810 – and Kanye must pay an additional $195,100 to replace the items if they are fully lost.