Cubana Chief Priest supports Igbo for the presidency


Cubana Chief Priest has thrown his wings to support an Igbo for president in 2023. He showed this while reacting to a message from Joshua Iginla, the Nigerian televangelist, on the issue of Igbo being the President via his Instagram page.

In the visual, Iginla contended that the continuous uproar for Biafra in the south-east would not stop if the South goes on to be “marginalised” when it comes to the presidency.

Iginla said, “You’re complaining about their agitation. Why will they not agitate? The Igbo have been so deprived. You cannot be talking about One Nigeria when every time you want to pick a president, you’ll say the Igbo man is not qualified and you still want them to be in the marriage.”

“This is the problem of the Biafra agitation. If you cannot solve that problem, you will still have more people like Nnamdi Kanu agitating. That is the reason.

“You cannot be preaching love and unity and be practising the opposite. This is the major problem of Nigeria. Why will the south-west — I’m a Yoruba man — and the north continue to be in power and you claim you don’t trust the Igbo. If you don’t trust them, why are you keeping them?”

While reacting, Cubana Chief Priest backed Iginla by saying, “it’s totally unfair” that other regions see the Igbo as “fools” when it comes to politics in Nigeria.

“Ride on pastor. Dem dey see us as mumu. It’s totally unfair, only an Igbo president will fix (Nigeria).”

Damilola Olufemi