“Denial Is The Worst Feeling Ever, But Do Not Abort” – Kenyan Carol Sonie Counsels Follower


Kenyan content creator, Carrol Muthoni Ngeke, popularly known as Carrol Sonie, has become a source of solace for her followers, encouraging them to share their stories and seek advice.

Carrol Sonie had invited her followers to share their anonymous confessions, providing a platform for individuals to open up about their struggles.

In response, a fan from Embu disclosed that she was six weeks pregnant, abandoned by the father, and contemplating an abortion scheduled for December 27, 2023.

“I’m sorry, hide my identity, I’m six weeks pregnant, from Embu, and the father denied the pregnancy. I left his house and I’m planning to have an abortion next week, the 27th of December 2023,” the fan wrote.

Carrol, responded to the distressed fan, urging her not to proceed with the abortion. She empathetically acknowledged the pain of denial but emphasised the potential love and blessings that come with letting the child grow.

Carrol urged the fan to embrace the journey of motherhood.

“Hey, do not abort. I know denial is the worst thing feeling ever but let that kid grow and you will be surprised how God loves you both. Mama Keep the pregnancy,” she advised the fan.