Diana Bahati Becomes 1st Kenyan Woman With 1M YouTube Subscribers


Diana Bahati has joined the exclusive list of 9 Kenyans with 1 million subscribers on YouTube while becoming the first Kenyan woman to achieve this.

Diana Bahati, born on November 5, 1988, in Migori County, Kenya, is a dynamic figure in the entertainment industry, known for her diverse talents and contributions to Kenyan pop culture.

Diana’s upbringing was marked by a commitment to social causes, shaped by her father, Joseph Omach. Joseph is a prominent cancer advocate, dedicated to fighting against the stigma faced by cancer patients.

He founded the Childhood Cancer Initiative, a non-governmental organization, in 2009. This early exposure to activism instilled in Diana a sense of purpose beyond entertainment.

Despite facing challenges during her school days, particularly due to a math teacher’s humiliation, Diana persevered and pursued higher education.

She graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology from KCA University and later obtained another Diploma in Marketing and Communication from St. Paul’s University.

Starting as an M-PESA agent at a pharmacy, she has evolved into a television personality, rapper, singer, actor, video vixen, performer, and content creator.

Her journey is a testament to the adage “use what you have as a stepping stone to your next level,” as she highlighted in a social media post reflecting on her days as an MPESA agent.

Diana embraced the public spotlight and forged her career, featuring prominently in NTV’s Being Bahati, the first musician-based reality TV show in East and Central Africa.

In addition to her television endeavours, Diana established herself as a content creator on YouTube. Her platform, Diana Bahati, recently achieved a significant milestone, crossing the 1 million subscribers mark.

This accomplishment makes her the first Kenyan woman to reach this milestone, earning her the coveted YouTube gold plaque. Bahati’s YouTube channel also has over 1 million subscribers of YouTube.

In 2021, Diana unveiled her musical alter ego, Diana B, releasing her debut song, “Hatutaachana.”