Don Jazzy: I am a shy person who can’t assemble my staff and address them


Mavin Records CEO, Don Jazzy has mentioned one of his behavioural challenges.

The record producer and executive, in an interview with Korty eo, said he has been unable to gather the courage to assemble his staff to address them.

According to the music producer who had interpreted himself as “Superman”, he tagged his incapacity to address his staff as a disability that calls his self-esteem to question.

Don Jazzy admitted people are usually bewildered whenever he notifies them about his timid personality.

He said: “Sometimes, when I tell people that I’m shy, they’ll be like what do you mean?

“See as my staff are like this, I have actually never gathered all of them to speak to them.

“This shit is supposed to be a disability, this self-esteem something. Why the fuck can’t I talk to my staff?”