‘Don’t begin to smell like a rotten Goat’- Actor Fredrick Leonard lashes out at colleagues who come on set with body odor


Fredrick Leonard, a popular Nigerian actor, has taken to social media to address the issue of hygiene on movie sets.

In an open letter to his colleagues in the industry, Leonard urged everyone involved in movie production to use deodorants and other measures to avoid unpleasant odours.

In the Instagram post, which has garnered significant attention, the actor stressed the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene, particularly in a profession that demands long hours on one’s feet. He emphasized that it is only common sense to take steps to avoid smelling bad, which can be distracting and unpleasant for others on set.

Leonard also recommended the use of mints or gum to fight mouth odour, and called on everyone to consciously take care of their personal hygiene to ensure a pleasant and professional work environment.

“Any human being that has a functioning brain, whether cast or crew, should use deodorants,” Leonard wrote. “For a profession that requires that we be constantly on our feet for a minimum of 14 hours, common sense should apply.”