Don’t Bring A Girl To My Studio – Hammer Warns Artists


Legendary Ghanaian music producer, Edward Nana Poku Osei, popularly known as Hammer, has cautioned any artiste who intends to work with him not to bring a girl to the studio.

In an interview on 3Music TV, Hammer revealed his meticulous approach to music production, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to perfection and attention to detail.

He stressed that when artists enter his studio, they are expected to adopt a student mindset, focusing solely on the craft.

He explained that his meticulous attention to detail, pursuit of perfection, and refusal to tolerate carelessness in the artists he collaborates with are the factors contributing to the finesse of the songs he produces.

He said: “I am a very detailed person. One thing everybody knows about me is ‘Don’t bring a girl to the studio,’ because when you come to my studio, you are a student.

“If you bring a girl to the studio to impress her and you’re not careful, I will check you like you’re a student and I won’t care whether or not there’s a girl there. So if you don’t want to be embarrassed, don’t bring anybody.

“People feel intimidated when they’re recording with me because my job is to make you shine. No compromises… If you do something that is not good, I will tell you spot on. I need to make sure that when you go out there, nobody can diss you.

“It can cost you a lot if you come to my studio with your entourage and your ego. So leave it (your ego) at the door, take your paper and pen and come and learn.”