Drama as Tiwa Savage and Toke Makinwa shun each other at Lagos party


Rumors of a rift between Tiwa Savage and Toke Makinwa were confirmed at a recent event in Lagos where both ladies were present.

Previously, they had been known for their close friendship, attending functions together and supporting each other.

However, their relationship took a sour turn in early 2022 due to an alleged dispute over a man they both had an interest in.

The rift grew to the extent that Toke Makinwa didn’t celebrate Tiwa Savage’s honorary doctorate degree, and they unfollowed each other on social media.

So, recently, the Lagos Socialite; Chief Mrs Rainot Olufunke Alaba Oniru threw an elaborate 70th birthday party in Lagos and it was star-studded.

It was an array of Dignitaries & Foremost Lagos Society Women of Class in attendance.

Both Tiwa Savage and Toke Makinwa were in attendance but they shunned each other all through and ensured to sit far away from each other. While Toke Makinwa was adorned in a yellow abaya, Tiwa rocked denim on denim and had her bodyguard around her all through the occasion.