‘Enjoying looted public funds without empathy, you all deserve to suffer’ – Chioma Ifemeludike lambast Yoruba actresses allegedly sleeping with MC Oluomo


Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has joined many of her colleagues to react after there were counter accusations of MC Oluomo sponsoring their luxurious lifestyles.

Actress Dayo Amusa had earlier taken to her Instagram page to call out her unnamed colleague, claiming that the particular colleague used to receive financial support from someone she now calls a thug. She added that the individual is an ingrate.

Without mentioning anybody’s name, the 39-year-old actress insisted that the colleague she is referring to knows herself.

Dayo Amusa wrote, “When he dey pay your children’s school fees, e no be thug.

When he dey pay your children’s birthday party bills, he no be thug!!

When he dey pay your house rent, he no be thug!!

When he dey sponsor your flight tickets, he no be thug!!

When he dey lodge you and your children for hotel for weeks when depression wan kill you, he no be thug!!

When he dey pay your new house mortgage, he no be thug!!


Iyabo Ojo, however, addressed the claim by stating her relationship with the union chairman and the gifts she ever received from him.

The actress confirmed that the NURTW chairman gave her millions of naira as gifts including electronics on different occasions, insisting that none of Dayo Amusa claims was about her while stating that she is also her friend.

Giving support to Dayo Amusa’s claim, Bimbo Akinsanya alleged that Mc Oluomo and Iyabo Ojo are sleeping together till date. She made the claim by reposting Amusa’s post on her Instagram page with the caption.

She wrote, “E dey fuck Dem also ooo. Dey fuck Dem till date.”

On her part, Chioma Ifemeludike lambasted all, cursing that they are bound to suffer for ‘For enjoying looted public funds without empathy or compassion.”

She wrote: “I really don’t wanna talk much but if Una vex me I go start my own live video tomorrow morning. What right do some of you have ? Coming online trying to talk smart? Make God no punish Una o. All the thanks for coming since the PDP years una think say we don forget? Y’all owe the common man apologies in this shit hole for enjoying the loot and standing in the fence over the years. Suddenly it seems the hardship is nearing you people because of course no one is throwing money at you people like before. Taaa! Just keep quiet and let’s hope God in his infinite mercy delivers us from a major crisis. But if these polithieftians will burn some of you deserve to burn with them for servicing your pockets and looking the other way all these years while they common man suffered hunger and injustice! For enjoying looted public funds without empathy or compassion.

Abeg!!! na today Nigeria spoil??? If everyone is a fool , I’m not a fool and I’m definitely not a coward!!!”