Envy, pride, hatred killing relationships in the entertainment industry – Paul Play Dairo


Veteran singer and son of legendary Nigerian musician, Paul Play Dairo has berated his colleagues in the industry for not always showing love to one another but spread hatred and envy.

Paul Play who has not released any major song for more than  a decade has been very vocal in the past months and does hide his displeasure with how the music industry no longer breeds love but hatred.

Sharing his thoughts about this sad development, the Eleda Mi crooner said the music industry is now filled with pride,  hate and unwarranted envy that has forced many people to become enemies rather than friends.

He queried why celebrities don’t advertise the business of their friends on social media platforms over fear of being kicked out of the business, adding that supporting one another would not affect the person’s brand.

“I have been away from the game for a while but I am surprised to see how bad and sadly things have turned. It is like they prefer to help you when you are dead or post your pictures and celebrate you when you are gone.

“I hear celebrities don’t even want to see one another let alone hang out together. I know this is all about money and relevance.”