Ex-BBN housemate, Alex lays curses on those accusing her of sleeping with married men


Former BBN housemate and Reality TV star, Amuchechukwu Asogwa Alex has reacted with curses, after she was accused of sleeping with married men.

She went on Instagram to react, saying she has never had anything with any married man or a fellow woman.

The bussinewoman who is also a dancer mandated the blogs circulating the rumour to submit proof of such allegation, adding that she works hard legitimately to achieve all she has.

She posted: “That been stated, I challenge the blogs to bring out the proof that supports their allegations. I’m not requesting one of the fabricated chat or voice note that you people usually put together to back up claims and deceive people as I’ll need to know whoever is behind this.

“If you put this together by yourself, I’ll pay for the flight of whoever and whatever it is that concocted such news. Come and say it to my face, I dare you. Amuchechukwu Asogwa fears no allegation as my slate Is ultra clean.

“I won’t turn off my comment sections, I won’t run from anyone, I fear nothing. I’m here. There are still people out here that work hard to attain heights. Do not let these blogs push you into believing everyone lives a bad life especially as they do to women in the industry.

“If these allegations are true, may I not live to see next week and may God make it painful for me but If you are lying, l’ll leave your children and generation out of this, may painful death find you. May you know hardship and no peace.

“If you haven’t had children, may you never do. Nobody deserves to be born to people that love to watch innocent people fall.”

By Damilola Olufemi